Wednesday, July 1, 2009

robin on a rock

This is WC Pencil on hot pressed paper. Done for Kate Johnson WC Pencil class...Most of the pictures I have done for this class are posted on Flicker, instead of here on the blog. Flicker is the classes *show and tell*. Below is my sketch of *the boat*, which I am working up the courage to add color too. I have not forsaken it, I do plan to do a few more boats from this series of photos, so plan on coming back to check my progress.


Alex said...

Sooooo cute! :) And so beautifully done. I really love the eyes and how it was just standing there. And did I mention that the colors are simply great?

Terica said...

Oh Debrah , this is so pretty !you should share it at Crafters challenge ,the theme is red white and blue! :o)
very nice!

Alex said...

Thanks Deborah for the comment on my sketch. The big day's on January the 2nd, in Louisiana :)