Sunday, June 14, 2009

The boats of Ensenada

I am in the process of sketching...and then will be applying WC Pencil to the above sketch. I seen a series of these boat pictures on facebook and asked the photographer (who happens to be a VP with our company) if I could use a few to sketch and paint...and the answer was yes, if he could have a copy of my best one....I think I have choosen the most difficult one to do with my experience level...but I am forging forward. I decided to enlarge the picture, using the grid system. I have a difficult time with this method, as I feel it isn't exactly true art, I myself would rather sit down look at something and sketch it....however, even if I am just sketching in one inch increments, I am still sketching what I see...and then when that is done, tweak the overall picture. Its a tool, and I felt that I should enlarge it this way. Sorry if the sketch isn't too *viewable* I did try to adjust it, and darken it. The colors are red, black and white...I am not sure if they use these boats as fishing boats, (I would assume)...but they are all pretty weather worn, and very appealing to me as potential subjects.


winna said...

Well, it's looking good with the perspective etc---I'll be intersted to see how this all comes out--ask your boss for a raise if he really likes what you make him :-)

Alex said...

Looks good already and I can't wait to see the result too! Good luck! :)

Florence's Art said...

Whew... I'll say it seems like a huge undertaking. Looking forward to watching your progress