Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On Vacation....

Going back home to the beautiful U.P. of Michigan...I am taking my sketching and wc pencils....I hope to post some work when I get back....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Last two pictures for Kates class

The first picture is my neighbors house. Where I sit and draw, I see it through our open door, and through our porch windows. I imagine it is a cinder block house that has been stuccoed, as ours is...only we put vinyl siding over what the previous owners had (shingle like material)...I visualize the stucco house across the road painted a clay color and having round wooden beams coming out the side near the top. It looks adobe-like.
The second picture is *pumpkin* he belongs to another neighbor. I was feeding one neighbor cat, Blackie...then Spot came...(see previous posts for his pic.) and now Pumpkin....They all seem to get along...but for about 10 years it has only been Blackie....At first he was a little put off by the new comers....and still reluctantly comes up to get food with the other two....Blackie and Pumpkin have homes and *people*...Spot...we don't he has taken up residence in the little dog house on our porch I put straw in for Blackie last year. We also keep our door ajar to our porch in the winter time so Blackie can get out of the weather...It will be interesting to see how many cats will come in out of the cold this winter....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

robin on a rock

This is WC Pencil on hot pressed paper. Done for Kate Johnson WC Pencil class...Most of the pictures I have done for this class are posted on Flicker, instead of here on the blog. Flicker is the classes *show and tell*. Below is my sketch of *the boat*, which I am working up the courage to add color too. I have not forsaken it, I do plan to do a few more boats from this series of photos, so plan on coming back to check my progress.