Sunday, March 27, 2011

old lady of jackson...

Old Lady of Jackson

More fitting that she go down in flames

Old lady of Jackson

with friends and family

watching on in shock

then be ripped apart

and hauled away in different directions


Here she lays, ashes to ashes dust to dust

Where she was born she dies

To stand there and see the consumption

how sad it must be

to be the ones who walked her halls

and saw past the smoke and fire to another time

and recalled conversations, Events, people…

good times and bad

There will be some who will rejoice….

They didn’t know you.

You provided for many

and wasn’t Your fault you stood vacant….

It was at the hand of greed

that many had to suffer

As they suffer today


an Old friend

In her

Final Hours.

Friday, March 4, 2011

beyond Thing-A-Day...

Well, T. A. D. is done for another year. I enjoyed it this year, as I picked a theme and stayed with it. I enjoyed the year I sketched as well. But,this year I choose one subject-quilts-and one way to portray them-watercolor-. The only thing I had to think about was which design of block I would do each day. From the drafting the design to painting, it took about an hour or so, and the first night I didn't have that to do was a little strange....I felt a little lost...I am four days into the next month and I haven't started a project yet. I am thinking that I want to make some blocks out of my favorite watercolor paintings. Since the paintings were just solid color, I would like to see how they would come alive with a design in fabric. I am taking a day or two to organize my space and then I will begin.