Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday, May 24th

I am currently in the first week of my WC Pencil class with Cathy Johnson. My first lesson is to play with my pencils. I am making a chart of all my current colors. I have three sets now. I can see it is an addiction. My art is collecting art implements I do believe. I held off from buying more WC pencils, but from reading how people claimed these Faber-Castell, Albrecht Durer pencils were to die for.....I hurried up and hit *buy* button, on the Dick Blick site, (where they have been sitting in a cart for weeks)before my logical brain told me NOOOOOOooooo. My motto has been of late...SHOP AT HOME FIRST....and having two WC Pencil sets already...did I need more..NO....No I didn't....but it is a treat, and I hope it will encourage me to learn from them, and become more creative....they will justify themselves...I believe if you use substandard products you will achieve substandard results... if the results are more will help my tender Psyche....and that can't be anything but good! Now I must go and create!!

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