Monday, May 25, 2009

Its raining *coptors*

These are the coolest little things.....maple seeds, or more commonly know as helicopters...I love gathering up a handful and tossing them into the air....Its beautiful here today, a slight breeze....warm, but not too warm....just a calm gentle wisp of a day.
To sit back
graceful sprial
*dance of the copters*
hope your day is peaceful...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful drawing and lovely formatting. The way the you have set them out on the page capture their gentle flight

Lindart said...

Lovely! I also love it when the "copters" fall! You captured them and the leaf beautifully!

June said...

I love these, and have loved them ever since I was a child in Scotia, NY. But I just found out last year (and was pleased) that there is a word for them: samara.

June said...

Forgot to mention that I love the drawing and the spare arrangement on the page.

Deborah said...

I love these things! Your drawing is beautiful!