Saturday, March 7, 2009

Prismacolor watercolor pencils

I used my 40% off coupon and splurged and bought a 12 pack of Prismacolor Watercolor pencils. I have been wanting to try them. Would have loved the 36 pack, but common sense prevailed. I played around a little with them today, nothing to post however, tried them on 140lb cold pressed, and am wondering if hot press may be the better way to go, being a smoother surface, and since I don't have any, for now, I won't know. I am just experimenting, so far I am not to fond of the pencil mark from the color, and I want to *not see it*, do I need a lighter hand or smoother paper..hmmmm. Obviously I shouldn't judge on my 1/2 hr experiment.


fishy_outawater said...

Let us know when you post something. I am interested in getting a pack myself, but I am not too familiar with them. Keep us updated.

Molica said...

If they're anything like regular Prisma pencils, it's real easy to lay down a thick and heavy line. It takes a heck of a lot of concentration for me to keep my hand steady enough (and high enough off the page) to keep the colour light and thin. I never understood the working from the elbow (as opposed to working from the wrist) rule until I tried Prisma. Lol!

I am curious as to how these stack up against other watercolour pencils. I want to get a set, but Prismas are sooo expensive!