Sunday, March 1, 2009

Grandma's cups

This is a sketch of one of my grandma's tea cups. She had a quite a collection, that was collected through the years. She would board deer hunters from the city, and they would bring gifts to her, in the form of teacups, gram would also get them from family too for birthdays or Christmas. One day, many years ago, we were sitting around the big oak farm table, and her daughters thought they would pull a joke on her. Gram displayed her tea cups on shelves on the dining room wall. When she had left the room, her daughters took some of the cup and saucers down and put them on the table, so when gram came back into the room to pour coffee she would have a surprise. Grams tea cups were her pride and joy, so you can imagine this quiet gentle woman's surprise as she spotted this...she was very upset and could barely speak, *we are not using those cups* she said, clearly disturbed. I felt bad for her that they would do this knowing it would upset her, they got more enjoyment out of it than gram did.
I think gram has been gone now over 30 years....This small memory feels like it happened just yesterday.

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