Sunday, September 7, 2008

Goldfinch on purple coneflower seed heads

Summer is at a close...fall is fast approaching. Trees are slowly changing color and the air has a cool crispness to it, and the pace is slowing. Squirrels are busy in the oak trees, gathering acorns among the branches. They hurry to the ground to bury them, searching for the right do they know where they are come winter? When you look high in the trees you can see their nests of twigs and leaves, and again I wonder, how do they survive the harsh Michigan winters...? I too am slowly getting things in order for the long winter ahead...some years it catches me and I am working in the first fallen snow trying to find everything that needs putting away...This year I am getting a jump on it, I have slowly started. I know we have a good two months left to work with, actually three, but why chance it. I usually pull the pumps on the koi pond Thanksgiving weekend, when the pond starts to freeze over I put the pond heater in....and wish the fish a good winter.
I enjoy all the seasons....each for their own reasons, fall for the smell of the autum leaves, cool nights, makes for peaceful sleeping, things start to slow down, people start to settle is like a slow deep breath....exhale.....

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