Wednesday, April 29, 2009

bleeding heart

I took a bench out to the garden and tried to sketch parts of my bleeding heart...and really when you sit and study something and sketch it, you *know* more about it, I basically knew what a bleeding heart looked like...I thought, until I sketched it. This is just a quick study, I plan to go back and capture more of it, and then do it in color.


Alex said...

This is so true... because when you sketch, you're observing the details, you need that to get it right. I realized that when I wanted to draw something...and I was like "ahhh... I don't know how to, why didn't I observe it more carefully and pay more attention to details?"
I am sorry to hear about this though, I hope you're feeling good and get better soon!

nanke's stuff said...

What a lovely study! It reminds me of a drawing in one of my botanical books. nancy

Flower Impressions said...

Hi Debra ,get up with me on Crafterschallenge and I'll tell you an easy way to press some of your flowers to go with your sketches!
wish I could do that then I could make a botanical book of my own!Very nice! peace, terica

bubblemunch said...

Bleeding hearts are so beautiful aren't they?

I'm impressed by your observational skills - I had a 'taster' class today in botanical illustration and found it difficult to concentrate and be thorough. (I'll try and post my efforts in the week!)

I look forward to seeing how your sketch develops.

PS I was away on your blogiversary so 'Happy LUCKY 13th monthiversary!!