Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A new class...

I was walking downtown yesterday on break and in the window of the art supply shop was a sign, drawing was a I went inside to inquire. It is only four two hour sessions each Saturday in February....I would like to try someone Else's *teachings*. I know is up to me to PRACTICE....which I could be doing now, I know, and I do pick up a pencil and scratch out a small picture, a shoe, a cup....nothing much...... Classes give me a reason....perhaps the class I need is Motivation....I suppose I could take all the classes in the world, if I can't be self-motivated then what good are they....I don't know the answer to this...I just know it can't hurt. Maybe the class I need to take besides motivation, is discipline. Maybe I will take my sketching bag to work today, and on break sketch something outside..Well, actually I need to walk down to the art supply store and put a down payment on the class to hold my spot....once that is done, well...its a done deal...I think I am getting excited.

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